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  Locksmith has a lot of services which we will get into.  There is residential, commercial and car locksmith.  We get into all the services and explain how much you will be charged. A Lenny Locksmith will give you heads up on the way to get a locksmith and pay the proper price for the service.




Locksmith Boynton Beach residential services:

  1. House Lockout- is when you are locked out of your house and have no keys to get in  We will usually pick the lock.  Price from 58-149.  Higher security locks are in the 149 range but most hover around 79-100.
  2. Re-key- is when you have a key or sometimes don’t have a key and you want a different key to your home.  So this will make your old key not work anymore. price from 48-110.
  3. Lock installation- is when you want to change your locks to new ones.The price range is 79-250.  the 250 range is usually Medeco or Multi-Lock.  The usual price for a door knob and deadbolt is around 120.



Locksmith Boynton Beach commercial services:

  1. Business lockout- is when you are locked out of you business.  Just like a residential lockout we will try to pick it and if a problem we will drill it.  Price range from 58-149 and if we have to drill about 120-170.
  2. RE-key- if your business needs to change the key.  We can and give a totally different key to work the lock.  Its popular in business to rekey because if you fire a employee and he has the key it could be a problem.
  3. Business locks installation- is usually a mortise locks and you have commercial deadbolt and lever handles.  This can be more pricey but the mortise lock with two keys range about 100-250. The 250 is a high security mortise lock.  The lever handles can be expensive but usually commercial grade is about 150-195.  There is cheaper lever handles not commercial grade which should be from 89-120.





Car Locksmith Boynton Beach services:

  1. Car key’s made- Car key replacement service is when you lose you car key.  There are some types of service.  There is metal key with no chip, transponder key with chip and a smart key.  Our car locksmith Boynton Beach will go over which system you have and go over price.  Car locksmith Boynton Beach price range as follows.  Metal key is a around 120-140.  Transponder key with programming  149- 195.  Smart keys price is about 169-295.  There are a lot of models so depending on the car will dictate the smart key pricing.  Car locksmith Boca Raton will explain to you all your options and yes a lot of times you have cheaper options that you might want cause it could be expensive.  If we can save you money we will.
  2. Fix ignition- There are many different ignitions for all types of cars and its usually a case by case.  The most popular cars to have ignition problems are Honda and Chrysler.   To fix the Honda ignitions is about 200-250 and Chrysler 149-199.
  3. Car lockout- This service is performed by our car locksmith Boynton Beach staff.  It is when you lock your keys in the car and you cant get in. We come to you in about twenty minutes and the price is from 58 to 120.  The cars that are 120 are usually high end or tough security.

A Lenny Locksmith Boynton Beach hopes you got a better understanding of the services and if we can help you with any questions feel free to call.  Yes we are 24 hours.  I will put some helpful videos on the bottom of the page that might help on some services.  If you need our help We will get to you as fast as possible.  








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