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Local Home Locksmith Boynton Beach





Local Home Locksmith Boynton Beach. There comes a time when calling a Locksmith Boynton Beach is unavoidable. Trust me everyone locks themselves out of their house sooner or later. We have even had calls where our customers are locked inside their home unable to get out. A Lenny Locksmith strives to provide the best customer service possible to our customers in these situations. In this blog we will discuss a few steps you should take before calling a Locksmith Boynton Beach to perhaps save you time, aggravation, and of course money on a service that may not be needed.

Walk around your entire home and try every window and door, you might get lucky and find one that was left unlocked.This may sound a little obvious but when you are locked out of the house and in panic mode thinking of the obvious things don’t always happen.

Check with your neighbors or call a friend or relative that may have a spare key. If you find a neighbor that has a spare to your home the situation will be solved pretty quick. Finding a friend or relative that has one may take a little longer since they have to get the key to you but you would be waiting for a Locksmith Boynton Beach to arrive anyways. Waiting for your friend or relative could save you from spending the money on the service.

If you have your key but are locked out due to a key or lock malfunction keep trying. Just like with anything sometimes keys and locks can have issues. Add being locked out and frustrated and it can make it a lot worse. Take a deep breath and try again. Try wiggling your key while trying to turn, or try turning key the opposite way. Sometimes the lock gets misaligned and simply lifting the door a little works. If you have access to a lubricant such as WD-40 try spraying some inside the lock and let it sit for a minute before trying again.

If none of these things work and you are still locked out call A Lenny Locksmith. We can have a technician sent out to your location with an eta of 15-20 minutes in most cases and have you back into your house within minutes. Contact our office anytime 24 hours a Day 7 days a week with any questions.


Local Home Locksmith Boynton Beach



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