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Holiday Season Locksmith

Holiday Season Locksmith



Holiday season Locksmith Boynton Beach Tips. It’s that time of year again, The Holiday Season! This time of year is supposed to be the best time of year. Families getting together and visiting each other for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and other holidays celebrated. Some people take this time of year and take a much needed vacation. It can be joyful but it could also be awful, Thieves and cons use this time of year to run their scams and ripoffs. We will go over some great tips to remember to prevent a potentially devastating situation for you this holiday season!

When leaving your home make sure all doors and windows are locked.- During the holidays A Lenny Locksmith Boynton Beach understands that you have other things on your mind. Did you get that perfect gift? What do I need from the grocery store? I wonder what time Uncle Frank’s flight arrives? It is very easy to rush out the door forgetting to lock a window that was open for the nice cold weather, or thinking it’s ok to leave the deadbolt unlocked while you make a quick trip to the store. Making sure they are all locked can ensure it’s not going to be easy for someone to break into your home.

Look out for strange people or unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhood.- Thieves will usually plan by learning schedules and routines. If you suspect someone shouldn’t be there make a call for an officer to do a drive by and check it out.

Leave a light or TV on – Leaving lights or a TV on will make it look like there is someone home. If you are going to be away for a long period of time putting lights and/or a TV on a timer could deter a thief from trying to enter.

Make sure gifts under your tree aren’t visible through a window. – Having your decorated tree in front of the window is nice for people passing by to admire. Having all of your gifts on display could potentially make your home a target for a break in. The same thing applies when you have your gifts in your car after shopping. Putting them in the trunk instead of having them visible in your back seat could prevent that car break in.

Don’t leave stuff unattended- We know you can’t carry in all of your shopping bags sometimes after a long day of gift shopping. Leaving your car open even for a couple minutes while taking them in the house can be disastrous. Yes it can be an inconvenience but locking your car up during each load ensures it all makes it inside.

Don’t post vacations and outings on social media.- Posting your every move on social media lets uninvited guests know when your home will be empty. It’s best to leave that information off of social media for all to see all year round not just during the holiday season.

Have a neighbor or relative check on your home.- If you are going out of town having a neighbor or relative check on your home and gather your mail and/or newspapers and put them in the house will make it seem as if someone is home.

Sometimes break ins happen even if every precaution is taken to prevent it. Taking pictures and keeping records of serial numbers for your possessions can help the authorities locate items taken in the event a break in occurs.

A Lenny Locksmith Boynton Beach is a full service locksmith and is able to help with all of your locksmith Boynton Beach needs. Call our office today with any questions you may have or to schedule and appointment for service.

Holiday Season Locksmith




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