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Car Key won’t shut off

Car Key won’t shut off



Car Key won’t shut off.  This is a common problem that happens very often.  Car Locksmith Boynton Beach will also go into if your key won’t turn.  What you can do and what causes it.  Its funny but certain car are prone to this problem and some never really have it.  We will list the cars that are a problem and the ones that aren’t as bad.

Car key won’t shut off

This problem is usually something simple.  Car Locksmith Boynton Beach will come and probably solve this problem in seconds.  It usually means the cars in gear like in reverse or any other gear except park.  Many times its usually is just out of park by a little and that can cause it.  Sometimes you have to slam it into park.  That will almost always solve that problem.  Another time this can happen is when your car gets towed.  There is a release by the shifter and when you press the button you will release it so it goes into park correctly.

Key Won’t turn in car

Car Locksmith Boynton Beach has this problem so often and its almost every day.  Most of the time its a broken wafer.  If its an emergency and you have to get home there is a way to get your key to turn.

  1. Fist thing to do is spray wd-40 inside ignition.  Make sure you spray a good amount in the ignition its very important.  2
  2.  Put key in the ignition.
  3. Proceed to hit key with hammer and at same time time turn the key.

After hitting and turning the key at same time. Eventually that key will turn and you will get car to start.  This will not solve the problem but at least you can get home.  You will have to get Car Locksmith Boynton Beach to fix ignition.

Car that have many ignition problems.  Worst ignition I feel is Honda.  Great car but ignition has so many problems.  Second worst is Chrysler older ignitions.  Gm, Toyota and  Ford is a far third.  Other than that its not that bad.

If you have any more questions feel free to call A lenny Locksmith anytime.

Car Key won’t shut off





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